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Fandyien posted:

[edit] Okay, turns out he's just using the same five pictures over and over, but that sort of brings me to my next question: do these people not understand photos can be manipulated? Do they believe in benevolent giants wandering the earth but not photoshop?

What's frustrating is that when you show them unaltered pictures that go against their views, they talk about how you should never believe pictures because they can be manipulated.

They do the same thing with everything though, particularly scientific studies. A few years back I lost a friend to breast cancer. She insisted that chemotherapy was being developed to give people more cancer so corporations could make more money, while they suppressed the true cures for cancer that involved coffee enemas and spinach-ginger-apple juice every day. I tried to show her several medical journals, including ones that I had read prior to going through chemo myself, and she countered that every medical study was being paid for by huge pharmaceutical companies with "vested interests." Then she'd counter with a brochure put out by some dude in a garage claiming that he alone knew how to "cleanse the whole body and person," including a price list and ordering instructions.

She had great health insurance, so she could have gotten a great oncology team and bitchin' chemo. And it hadn't even metastasized yet when her GP found it, so it's not like she was grasping at straws there. But because she couldn't believe that pharmaceutical companies could do anything beneficial at all ever, she ended up tossing tens of thousands of dollars at people whose entire knowledge of medicine apparently came from What the Bleep Do We Know and Zeitgeist.
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