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Love is a placebo. The belief in it makes it self-fulfilling. I have trained as a hypnotist - and a similar thing takes place in those environments as well. If a person 'thinks' he is hypnotised - then he will act out as if he is. Even though he is not actually hypnotised. He trips himself up into acting hypnotised because he - at an earlier stage implicitly accepted that hypnosis is 'real'. When it fact hypnosis is no more 'real' than the concept of 'ghosts'. The very concept of hypnosis (much like Keyser Soze in 'The Usual Suspects') which he may have first come across decades earlier is the thing with the power. It is the concept - and not the person using it on stage which does the work of 'hypnotising' someone.

Anyway - I think this moment is an interesting one for society. We have cast away our beliefs in god and politics. And we now worship at the altar of 'love'.

What will happen when that goes as well? The idea (and it is an idea) of Romantic Love is only about 600 years old. Funnily enough - it first gained prominence here in England - when poems and stories first started to explore the idea of love over-powering the hearts and minds of men and women. Who then rebelled against the arranged marriages which were then prominent throughout Europe.

And from that - to today. We have an idea which is very useful for a stable consumerist society. More than helping Hollywood sell movie tickets - the idea of love distracts people from higher goals. And keeps them busily being busy worker bees producing economic value which is then extracted by their loving wife and the government.

Or something like that...
joe_mckay @ BBC - Adam Curtis Blog: WHITE NEGRO FOR MAYOR

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