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April 15 2018

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I'm sure the Syrians got over the bombing without stress. Or the Serbs. Or Charlie. Or Dresden. Or Nicaragua. Or Nagasaki. Or Kirkuk.
No, not 1337 at all. Not at all.

April 14 2018

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Und dann: https://dict.leo.org/russisch-deutsch/луг
"Lug" - Adelboden Lenk usw
Wir sprechen alle dieselbe Sprache!
Auch so ein Ding: leug, a precious stone, Ir. liag, a stone, M. Ir. léglég-lógmar, O. Ir. lia, g. liacc*lêvink-; Gr. λᾶιγξ, g. λάιγγος, a small stone, λᾶασ, stone; Ger. lei, stone, rock, Ital. lavagna, slate, schist.
wie in Leuk, VS?! wtf

April 08 2018

Even in rich countries playing with subsidised wind and solar, a huge slug of their renewable energy comes from wood and hydro, the reliable renewables. Meanwhile, world energy demand has been growing at about 2 per cent a year for nearly 40 years. Between 2013 and 2014, again using International Energy Agency data, it grew by just under 2,000 terawatt-hours.
— Ergo: Deutschland muss bunter werden!

April 02 2018

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The literal house on fire.
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Ученым удалось впервые получить фото кота Шредингера в момент перехода между квантовыми состояниями….

This is a brilliant piece of the tumblr art genre.

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April 01 2018

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Opera's site not found gif. 
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Je Hundert. 
Oh. Je. Minee. 
what am I seeing here??
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Geit's no?!
Dafür kann ich mich 16x bei der Brauerei neben dran totsaufen... also ehrlich, nein Danke. 
PS: Ja, die Preise sind pro Person und in Franken. WTF.

March 30 2018

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every time i share ideas people dont like me anymore ._.
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