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November 03 2013

June 04 2013

February 10 2013

Die Wetterkapriolen welche wir in letzter Zeit erleben sind nicht wegen dem CO2 oder was immer behauptet wird, sondern wegen dem Wetterkrieg den die USA gegen Russland und China führen und umgekehrt. Mit künstlichen Dürren, Fluten und Stürmen kann man auch dem Feind einen Schaden zufügen. Das raffinierte daran, niemand glaubt es und man kann es auch nicht beweisen. Dabei läuft der III. Weltkrieg schon lange auf allen Ebenen und mit allen Mitteln, nur schiessen tun sie noch nicht.

— Wie war das? Verrückte Geschichten erfinden? Da gibt es wohl eine Regel 2334: If there is a concept, there is a story.

February 08 2013

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Oh, mein, Gott.

January 30 2013

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Alex Jones Piers Morgan Part 1. 1776 Will Commence Again' If Guns Taken Away - YouTube

December 28 2012

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Best of Dr. Axel Stoll - Teil 1: Die wichtigsten Fakten (NSL Forum Berlin) - YouTube
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December 27 2012

November 29 2012

The Blood of the Earth: an essay on magic and peak oil. Industrial culture is in collapse. There is no infinite growth on a finite planet and oil, our most critical resource, has passed peak.

We have entered a period of radical flux, and magic must respond to the world in which it operates, or it is nothing but empty escapism.

November 12 2012

I stick to my theory that there's a Prometheus launch every couple of years, and it's human civilization's way of B-Arking the billionaires and asshole "scientists" they just can't seem to get rid of. They've known about the insane murder planet for generations and they just keep throwing morons at it. Hell, it could be the moon. They just gas 'em once they're on board and tell them they've been asleep for eight years.

I mean, imagine if you could get Donald Trump, the guy that says vaccines cause autism, some of those "brain science proves men and women are different" jackholes and a dozen creationists, throw them on a spaceship, point it at a planet that you know for a fact will kill them horribly. Wouldn't you be at least tempted?
Shepherd @ Ultramorph | MetaFilter

October 23 2012

“I’d like to remind anyone who questions my commitment to national security that in the past four years, we’ve put al-Qaeda on its heels, we’ve brought Osama bin Laden to justice, and the country is now safer than…than…I’m sorry, I can’t do this anymore,” said Obama, his expression taking on a nervous, pained look that witnesses confirmed they had never before seen on the commander in chief’s face. “Listen, we never got him, okay? We never got bin Laden.”
Weeping Obama Breaks Down, Admits Bin Laden Still Alive And Out There Somewhere | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

October 17 2012

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Ahjaklaar. Alleine die Auswahl der Bilder und die Kontextualisierung derselben lässt auf ein amerikanisches Machwerk schliessen. 


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October 08 2012

Gut gespielt: schon genialer Schachzug seitens der Parteien. Die Leute abholen indem man vorgibt die GEZ-Spitzelei abzuschaffen, es aber so zurecht drehen dass man die in Wirklichkeit zu einem zentralen, verbindlichen Wohnsitzregister ausbaut. So ist das halt mit "Reformen".
re:Fefes Blog - Mit der Umstrukturierung der Rundfunkge...

September 19 2012

Fandyien posted:

[edit] Okay, turns out he's just using the same five pictures over and over, but that sort of brings me to my next question: do these people not understand photos can be manipulated? Do they believe in benevolent giants wandering the earth but not photoshop?

What's frustrating is that when you show them unaltered pictures that go against their views, they talk about how you should never believe pictures because they can be manipulated.

They do the same thing with everything though, particularly scientific studies. A few years back I lost a friend to breast cancer. She insisted that chemotherapy was being developed to give people more cancer so corporations could make more money, while they suppressed the true cures for cancer that involved coffee enemas and spinach-ginger-apple juice every day. I tried to show her several medical journals, including ones that I had read prior to going through chemo myself, and she countered that every medical study was being paid for by huge pharmaceutical companies with "vested interests." Then she'd counter with a brochure put out by some dude in a garage claiming that he alone knew how to "cleanse the whole body and person," including a price list and ordering instructions.

She had great health insurance, so she could have gotten a great oncology team and bitchin' chemo. And it hadn't even metastasized yet when her GP found it, so it's not like she was grasping at straws there. But because she couldn't believe that pharmaceutical companies could do anything beneficial at all ever, she ended up tossing tens of thousands of dollars at people whose entire knowledge of medicine apparently came from What the Bleep Do We Know and Zeitgeist.
Rujo King @ PYF conspiracy theories: how did I end up in the weird part of youtube - The Something Awful Forums
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September 17 2012

Shaw, who since 2001 has lost his job, seen his marriage end, and, according to friends, completely alienated himself from mainstream society, argued that there are “serious reasons to doubt” the commonly accepted explanation that his slide into reclusion and paranoia was his own fault.
9/11 Truther Convinced Government Destroyed Past 11 Years Of His Life | The Onion - America's Finest News Source

September 15 2012

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MYSTERIES OF THE GODS (1977) - William Shatner - YouTube

September 02 2012

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False Flag Alien Event - Don't Fall For It When It Happens! - YouTube

August 24 2012

Love is a placebo. The belief in it makes it self-fulfilling. I have trained as a hypnotist - and a similar thing takes place in those environments as well. If a person 'thinks' he is hypnotised - then he will act out as if he is. Even though he is not actually hypnotised. He trips himself up into acting hypnotised because he - at an earlier stage implicitly accepted that hypnosis is 'real'. When it fact hypnosis is no more 'real' than the concept of 'ghosts'. The very concept of hypnosis (much like Keyser Soze in 'The Usual Suspects') which he may have first come across decades earlier is the thing with the power. It is the concept - and not the person using it on stage which does the work of 'hypnotising' someone.

Anyway - I think this moment is an interesting one for society. We have cast away our beliefs in god and politics. And we now worship at the altar of 'love'.

What will happen when that goes as well? The idea (and it is an idea) of Romantic Love is only about 600 years old. Funnily enough - it first gained prominence here in England - when poems and stories first started to explore the idea of love over-powering the hearts and minds of men and women. Who then rebelled against the arranged marriages which were then prominent throughout Europe.

And from that - to today. We have an idea which is very useful for a stable consumerist society. More than helping Hollywood sell movie tickets - the idea of love distracts people from higher goals. And keeps them busily being busy worker bees producing economic value which is then extracted by their loving wife and the government.

Or something like that...
joe_mckay @ BBC - Adam Curtis Blog: WHITE NEGRO FOR MAYOR
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